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Disability Income Protection Plans

Your income shouldn't stop even when you are forced to stop working.

Disability Income Protection Plans ensure that your income continues even when you are unable to work due to a serious illness or accident.

What is Disability Income Protection?

It pays out a portion of your income when you are unable to work, due to a serious illness or acccident.
It is designed to ensure you still have an income to rely on, even if you are forced to stop working.

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Why do I need to compare plans?
Because Life Insurance is a big commitment, and you want to make the best decision possible. Studies have shown that people only feel comfortable with their decision after comparing at least 3 different options.
What if I see a plan I'm interested in? Can you help me follow up?
Yes, we can. Just leave your contact details and we will get one of our partner advisers to contact you. There is no fee required for this service.
What if I do not see a plan from a certain insurer?
There are two possibilities. They may not have an applicable plan for the inputs that you specified, or they may not have provided their information for comparison. Still, there are many others to choose from.
Is the information presented accurate?
We collect and update the data at regular intervals, so you can be assured of its accuracy. However due to legal considerations, we do not guarantee that the information will be accurate since there may be price changes beyond our control.
How much income replacement do you require each month?
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