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About Us

Life Insurance in Singapore is terribly misunderstood.
Heard any of these before?
Oh, I have 2 policies already; I don't need any more insurance.

These pesky agents keep pestering me; all they want is to make me buy something from them.
I'm young and healthy, I don't need any insurance.

My brother in law says that this plan is great, that's all I need.

What a pity.

It is misunderstood and maligned because of the lack of clear information. Face it, most of us actually learnt about Insurance from friends, family, or determined insurance agent.

No prejudice to your brother in law, but unless he happens to be in the Insurance business as well, most people don't have a full picture of how insurance works and what is best for them.

As for Insurance agents, their interests are somewhat vested. The more you buy, the more commission they make. It's a terrible arrangement, and we can't blame people for not having full trust in their agents. (Change is underfoot, albeit slow change).

Is Insurance complicated and hard to understand? Yes, at times. But it needn't be that way.
Do some people avoid insurance because cannot trust their advisor? Yes, totally. But it needn't be that way too.

Unbiased, objective information about insurance is restricted, to say the least. We are here to fix that.


This site was developed to provide an interesting, fun, and easy way for people to learn about Insurance.

We want to provide people with a way to compare different plans objectively, safe in the knowledge that we are working independently.

And finally, because avenues for discussion about insurance are few and far between, we also decided to throw in a forum.

You're most welcome.

HY Zheng

Aka The Master Mind, maniacal laughter not included.

With a discerning eye and uncanny attention to detail, ClearlySurely is his brain child. Having worked in the Life Insurance Industry for over 9 years across different capacities such as Customer Service, Claims Settlement, legal advisory negotiations, he has been there and done that - both in breadth and depth.

He has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from NUS and a Specialist Diploma in Insurance Studies from Nanyang Polytechnic.

He is quite a modest guy, and rather enjoys Bak Chor Mee.

YS Tan

Aka The Monster Mind, monster claws not included.

A generalist at heart, he has been a teacher, finance executive, Insurance Agent, and Management Associate and Branch Manager all within 8 years. He likes to keep things fresh and interesting, and sitting still is not really an option for him. He brings in axillary finance know-how to the table, notably in banking and investments.

He has a First Class honors in Environmental engineering and a Master's Degree in Financial Engineering, both from NTU.

He isn't so modest, and doesn't like doing engineering work.

But he enjoys Bak Chor Mee too.

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They keep our bad grammar in check and look for any spelling errors when they aren't spewing out articles and dreaming of forum posts.
Industry Advisors
Folks that have (or currently still are) industry experience, either as actuarial team managers, financial advisors, and new business underwriters. They are the ones that vet through our material and ensure everything is as accurate as can be.
Technical Officers
Site upkeep, Search engine optimization, Social Media marketing, and making sure our printers stay in tip top condition. These guys keep our proverbial pencils sharp and make sure we function without a hitch.